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Heart Frauds


Subtitle: Uncovering the Biggest Health Scam in History

By Charles T. McGee M.D.

Size:  5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″  |  Illustrated  |  Page Count:  218  |  ISBN:   0-941599-56-6  |  Paperback

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DID YOU KNOW THAT…most angiograms are not necessary, and a highly accurate form of the test was developed before 1977, but most doctors don’t know it exists.

There is no evidence that coronary bypass surgery or balloon angioplasties extend life, yet over 600,000 of these procedures are being done each year.

Blood cholesterol levels are ineffective in determining heart attack risk and much more accurate measurements exist but are seldom used.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs do not extend life, but actually increase the overall death rate.

The primary focus in the medical industry is to make a profit and, therefore, much of the advice and treatment we receive is not in our best interest.

We pay an estimated $45 billion per year on preventive and treatment measures for heart disease that don’t work.

Obstructions in coronary arteries can open up with diet and lifestyle changes alone, but because of financial incentives doctors prefer sending patients into surgery.

Conventional treatment for heart disease often does not work but safe, inexpensive methods are available that do work.

There are steps you can take right now which can significantly reduce your chance of suffering a heart attack.

If your doctor recommends getting an angiogram, coronary bypass surgery, balloon angioplasty, or taking cholesterol-lowering drugs your best course of action may be to run out the door. For most people these procedures/treatments are not effective and are completely unnecessary. The most popular medical procedures are the most profitable for the health care industry but are often the least effective. Hundreds of thousands of people each year are deceived in undergoing expensive medical treatments that do no good and may even do a great deal of harm. Highly effective procedures that are low-risk and inexpensive are ignored or even ridiculed. Recommending expensive, high-risk procedures over the cheaper, more effective ones amounts to nothing more than fraud. If you had the choice of going through a risky $20,000 surgical procedure or simply taking a daily vitamin supplement which one would you choose? Most patients aren’t given the choice.

These facts, and more, led Charles T. McGee, M.D. to write this hard hitting, expose of the health care system. In it you will learn which procedures and treatments to avoid and which ones offer the most hope. If you are concerned about heart disease, and everyone should be, you need to read this book.


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Reviews for this Book:

Out Of The Darkness Into The Light

Dorothy R. Brant

What a revelation – So glad to have read this book. Such a shame that the medical elite have to keep the American public in the dark on the more up to date science on why we are so heart attack prone in this country. I am so glad Dr. McGee is not afraid to tell the truth! People have to be more involved and take more initiative in their health care and truly do some of their own research and don’t just take their doctor’s word for it as most doctors just parrot the party line or are too busy to find out the latest science on the why’s of bodily malfunctions in their patients.

Need more preventative options instead of just masking the real problems with a pill or diet that really doesn’t work. Treat the cause not the symptoms. Thanks Dr. McGee for enlightening me on a very important subject! Oh, and this book read like a murder mystery! After the first two chapters, I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading it.


 Heart Frauds

Anthony M. Cox

I have been researching this kind of information and working with it for many years .
My opinion is BUY THIS BOOK .

If you have any concerns about any illness related to the Heart for yourself, or others , you will not find a more relevant book .


 The Galileo of Cardiology

Joel M. Kauffman

Daring, devastating, deadly accurate, Dr. McGee has exposed all aspects of the cardiovascular complex, from bad diet advice from the AHA and the NHLBI of NIH (Heart Institute), to useless bypass surgery based on inferior angiograms. He has supported the use of a number of supplements for treatment of cardiovascular disease rather than toxic prescription drugs, and the use of EDTA chelation therapy for atherosclerosis.
Easy to read, well-referenced, this is probably the best guide available today. The first editorial review is quite accurate. Five star!


Everyone Over 35 Years Old Should Read This Book


I graduated medical school over 10 years ago, even then, Cardiothoracic surgeons and Cardiologists have always been at the top of the hierarchy in hospitals. This is due to both money and machismo. Several facts always troubled me; everything from the patients who had heart attacks despite normal cholesterol, to the inconsistent findings seen on angiogram, to the cognitive defects seen following surgery.

Well, McGee’s book cites multiple studies showing there is little correlation between cholesterol and heart disease. Before reading the book, I had only read the studies justifying the use of statin drugs. It seemed strange to me that so much pathology was tied in to a molecule which is needed by your body to make hormones and components of brain tissue.

McGee points out lack of inter and intra-rater reliability in reading angiograms, which is used as the main study to determine what type of treatment will follow, the most invasive being open heart surgery. Well, it turns out that angioplasty and/or cardiac bypass don’t prolong life.

Many cardiologists that I know have become wealthy using the following algorhythm: use statins to lower cholesterol. This doesn’t work to decrease heart disease, so they probably won’t lose them as patients. After a heart attack or the onset of angina, do an angiogram. Well, angiograms aren’t reliable, so they can read into it whatever pathology they want. Eventually, they’ll do an angioplasty based on an unreliable angiogram, this won’t stop angina, so they’ll throw in some stints. Eventually, the cardiologist will have billed all the procedures he can. Time to send them off to the heart surgeon. They’ll get a 2-5 vessel bypass costing 50-100k. By this time the patient is probably broke. Despite all the worry, pain of getting procedures, and cost, the patient will have the same lifespan as he would have had had he stayed away from cardiologists (except perhaps in the acute phase of the heart attack).

What I tell my family members is stop smoking, eat a pound of fresh vegetables a day, lean meats with lots of oily fish, exercise at least 30 minutes most days of the week, take Vitamin B-6 to lower homocysteine, and when your doctor wants to measure your cholesterol, tell them “no thanks”. Short of an acute infarct, stay away from cardiologists, especially the ones who describe themselves as “interventionalists”, since invariably this will lead to a series of gradually more invasive procedures.


America – Sit Up And Take Note!


How many physicians have researched diseases, nutrition and medical practices in cultures with no cardiovascular problems or heart attacks? The author conducted extensive research in Hainan Island (China) with an average life span of 87 and no such “modern” problems.

The first half of the book exposes current emergency room practice of giving (inaccurate) angiograms, recommending (unnecessary) angioplasty or bypass surgery and “ballooning” our U.S. Medical costs. Even though better, less expensive alternatives exist, who will champion them? Certainly not established cardiologists and heart surgeons who he humorously compares to “hold up” bandits of the wild west with their masks. This may seem extreme, and he admits they mean no harm but are creatures of “misinformation”, and peoples enfatuation with “technological solutions”.
The second half of the book explores the history of our poor nutrition: exorbitant sugar intake (soft drinks), processed and canned foods (white breads), lack of fruits and vegetables, etc. The only saving grace has been our intake of Vitamins which has had a positive influence. Studies & footnotes are cited throughout (you can obtain at your medical library) verifying claims made. The author casts AHA and AMA members who may agree with him in an awkward position of being “captured” and unable to speak out for fear of being ostracized. Often, they mean well but have been nurtured in a “left brain” (detailed) specialty environment and not trained to look at the big picture. This book is reminiscent of the best seller, “Making of a Surgeon” by William Nolen by the fervor and dedication of the author against all odds to reveal a “flawed system”.

The point of the book is to expose Heart Frauds, describe their history, and show better alternatives to angioplasty and bypass surgery based on well-documented studies, unknown to most physicians. There’s plenty for all to learn, especially physicians. Beware, as you may find this book may change your lifestyle (and lifespan). You may swear off Krispy Kreme doughnuts, soft drinks, processed and canned foods and even insist on alternatives to angioplasty and bypass surgery should you find yourself in the cardiac unit of your local hospital.


Highly Recommended For Anyone Interested In Heart Disease!

A Customer

Charles T McGee presents a witty, often hilarious, and always to-the-point attack on the hugely profitable industry that has grown around heart disease.

Mc Gee reviews the studies conducted to date on open heart surgery – many would be shocked to know that they have all failed to show any appreciable longevity benefit for those who undergo surgery compared to those who don’t.

McGee presents, with cutting wit, an example of a typical sales-like pitch on the benefits of open heart surgery often given to patients who have just had a heart attack. Patients are typically told they will be unlikely to live to see the next morning unless they undergo surgery right away. Studies examining the survival rate of patients who successfully choose to eschew surgery and opt for other means of addressing their illness reveal this pitiful sales pitch for the nonsense it truly is. It appears the only thing truly in danger if patients start refusing open heart operations is the ability of the surgeon to keep up the lease payments on his new Mercedes.

McGee also presents a highly critical expose’ of the field of angiography. He reveals that the most effective form of angiogram has been typically confined to use in research settings, while the less effective version is the one commonly used in the clinical setting to make the all-important decision on whether or not to operate.

McGee also takes a shot at the cholesterol theory. He highlights how the theory has it’s origins in flawed animal experiments performed by Russian researchers at the beginning of the twentieth century, and then goes on to highlight the many other studies that have failed to show any benefit from cholesterol lowering.

McGee doesn’t just attack the medical industry and then run – he discusses low risk treatments like EDTA chelation therapy that are typically ignored by drug-obsessed mainstream medicine.


Excellent Rebuttal Of Current Cardiovascular Treatment

Gaetan Lion

Dr. McGee has written a very informative book on the subject. Contrary to what the public is told; cardiovascular disease has rapidly declined over the past decades. And, the reduction in mortality is not due to improvement in medical technology but simply a boost in the public’s intake of vitamin supplements including anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E.

Dr. McGee is not a conspiracy theorist, but a well-established doctor who is more respectful of the scientific method than the medical establishment. He supports every single statement with scientific studies. At the end of the book, he discloses an excellent bibliography with a summary of the major studies he refers to in order to advance his arguments.

He uncovers how the AMA has ignored such scientific studies to advance the lucrative practice of bypass, angioplasty, and cholesterol lowering drug prescriptions. All those practices have made a lot of money for the medical establishment. But, they have not helped the public’s health whatsoever.

The author indicates that      the vast majority of bypass surgeries are unnecessary. Angiograms are helplessly inaccurate. There is a more accurate test (quantitative angioplasty) that is never used on patients outside of research studies. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are ineffective. Studies indicate they marginally reduce mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease; but boost overall death rates due to much higher cancer rates.

In the author’s mind, the whole focus on cholesterol is misguided. Studies have not found a significant link between cholesterol and heart disease. He states that one should focus instead on oxidation by avoiding foods that contain oxidized fats (trans fats), taking anti-oxidant vitamin supplements, eating fresh fruits and vegetables. And, eating eggs is just fine. No study has shown any link between egg consumption and heart disease.

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