Make Money Reading Books


Subtitle: How to Start and Operate Your Own Home-based Freelance Reading Service

By Bruce Fife

Format:  Paperback  |  Size:  5 1/2 x 8 1/2  |  Page Count:  208  |  ISBN:   0-941599-20-5

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How To Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Freelance Reading Service


Would you like to have a job that would pay you to sit back in your own living room and read books, magazine articles, and unpublished manuscripts? If you would, then this book could open a new world of opportunity for you. It explains in detail how you can set up and operate a successful freelance reading service out of your home.

There are many thousands of businesses and individuals who need and use readers and are actively seeking their services. In this book you will discover the many exciting opportunities available to freelance readers, and how to start your own reading service business. This is not just a “how-to” book; it is a “how-to-make-reading-a-business” book.

Anybody can break into this business. Having a college degree is helpful but not necessary. The ability to read well and a love of reading are the primary requirements needed for you to operate a profitable reading service.

The author has practical, firsthand knowledge about reading services. He is an independent book publisher who hires and works with many freelance readers throughout the country.

“This book offers sound, practical advice. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read and is interested in starting a home-based business.”

-Charles A. Radcliffe, Freelance editor and literary critic

“Covers many exciting career possibilities.”

-Karen Fosdick, Librarian

“A well-written and inspiring manual.”

-Barbara K. Nicovich, M.L.S. Research

“It is extremely informative and very well written. The author…gives you the benefit of his years of experience as a book publisher, editor, and consultant.”

-Edward Keneski, Blue Sky Literary Services